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With our software, your account will watch up to 3 million stories every day and participate in the story polls,
story sliders and quizzes. Get your engagement
to the next level.

No Extra fees. No Extra charges. No Blocked actions.
The only software for masslooking that still works.

It's really simple actually!

How It Works⚑

Essentially, this is the most innovative software for Instagram promotion. It helps you to view millions of stories of your respective targeted audience and participate in polls. Thousands of people will repost your votes in their stories taking your account even further by reaching followers of the engaged target.

Run Software

You can run the software on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, or Dedicated Server/VPS. You simply require Internet while proxies are optional but recommended.

Select Audience

Select target accounts; the software is going to watch stories of your selected audience. Millions of people will find your profile on their stories feed amongst their loved ones.

Login Instagram

You can enter a number of accounts. You don't have to worry about the security of your accounts, the program only works from your computer.

Amazing Results

You won't have to wait very long. Results will become apparent within hours. Other than that our software is significantly more effective than mass liking and mass following.

Masslooking & Massvoting

The benefits?

You can use it for advertising your products as well as promoting your own account.

Usually, people with fewer followers be more conscious of each account that viewed their story. Therefore once you view countless stories per day there will be people that like your content. People will show interest in what you are selling, promoting.

They will follow you, like your posts and comment on your page. The concept is similar to mass following however there are almost no people that know that this can also work automatically.

Isn't it just amazing?
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Let the numbers show you what is up!

While you are enjoying your most favourite things, your profile will work instead of you.

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Groundbreaking innovation for Instagram promotion. It has already helped hundreds of individuals and businesses.

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Active users will visit your page; the perfect moment to shine. Just show them all you have got. They will engage with your content and stories.

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No one needs a bot and paid likes on their accounts. Your account is going to engage purely with a real targeted audience.Β 

$ 9999

No extra costs, extra charges. Program is yours forever! Isn’t it just wonderful?

No More Blocked Actions πŸ‘

Software Features

Just have a look at what we have to offer

Improved Algorithm

Newest Instagram Update patch. No more Account Compromised notifications. Watch up to 3 Million stories every day.

Massvoter Feature

Your Account will participate in thousands of Instagram story-polls. This will significantly improve your engagement.

Target Accounts

You can set up to 100 target accounts! Your account will engage with people that follow your target accounts.

Two-Factor Auth

You can keep your maximum Instagram security. Masslooking software supports Instagram authentification.

Proxy Support

We make it easy to set proxies for each account. Our software has in-built proxy support.

Bypassing Verification

You can sign-in using a code that you receive on the phone that is registered to your Instagram account or an email.

Real-Time Emulation

Our software emulates a smartphone that views stories – usual user activity. Therefore that isn't suspicious to Instagram.


Masslooking software works entirely from your end! Run Masslooking without putting your accounts at risk!

Detailed Digital Tutorial

We have a detailed tutorial on how our software works; It will help you in setting everything up. It is as simple as ABC.

Increase your

Real Growth. Real People.

Our software saves your time and money like other services promising β€œreal” growth but rather give you bots or foreign followers.

There is no need for you to overpay and trust your account to some random third-party services.

You simply can not miss an opportunity of promoting your Instagram through masslooking software. It is such a great way of telling your audience who you really are while gaining popularity and your sales results are improving.

Detailed Instructions

What is inside?

The program runs through the terminal or a command line using start.php file.
Instruction will help you in setting everything up.

Simple, Transparent Pricing

Buy Software (Win/Mac/Linux)

After the payment, you will receive a .ZIP file that contains all the necessary files.
It will remain with you forever and will work without ANY limits.

  • Personal use

  • $249.99

  • Stable Masslooking

  • New Massvoter Feature

  • For up to 10 accounts

  • Polls & Quiz

  • Encoded Limits

  • Up to 1m story views/day

  • Up to 50 target accounts

  • Up to 50k visits/month

  • Up to 5k follows/month

  • Consistent updates

  • 24/7 chat support

  • Free Installation

  • Buy Now
  • Business Plus

  • $499.99

  • Powerful Masslooking

  • New Massvoter Feature

  • Unlimited accounts

  • Polls, Q/A's, Quiz & Sliders

  • Real Human Behavior

  • Up to 3m story views/day

  • Up to 100 target accounts

  • Up to 100k visits/month

  • Up to 10k follows/month

  • Unique deals on proxies

  • Consistent updates

  • Priority chat support

  • Unlimited license

  • Free Installation

  • Buy Now

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Popular Questions πŸ’¬

Frequently Asked Questions

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Unlike old school promotion tools such as mass liking and mass following, mass looking doesn’t make any actions that can be either tracked or detected by Instagram. Your entered accounts will simply view stories – nothing special, that’s why It doesn’t have any limits.

Yes! For Masslooking you will have to have a password. But there is no need to worry since you only entering it on your computer.

Absolutely! Our software is as simple as 1-2-3. There is a detailed instruction on how you should be using the system. You are going to receive in your email with your software.Β How it works?

You can use either VPS or any dedicated server if you don’t wish to run it on your computer.

You can add up to 10 Instagram accounts and Up to 100 target accounts If you are a marketing company or a similar business and require to set up more than 10 profiles – you can get our business package for unlimited accounts license.

Yes! You can use IPV6 proxies with masslooking but for best results; we do recommend residential proxies which can be used for up to 5 accounts and will get you better results.Β 

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